Lume Home (pronounced “loom”, as in to illuminate) makes original ceramic lamps that

bring handmade warmth and distinction to every room. The modernist movement of the

1920’s launched a design ethos that included products made by hand while

acknowledging the machines and technology of the modern age. The lines of the

furniture, dishware, and jewelry borne from it still influence artists, designers, and

makers who love objects with clean, strong lines blended with futuristic ideals. Your

midcentury-inspired lamp is customized by your glaze, texture, and wood choices and are

individually made and assembled with care.


Jim White is an educator and practicing artist focusing on both sculptural and functional

ceramics. His Masters in Fine Arts is from the Rochester Institute of Technology’s

School of American Crafts, which was founded on and continues to train artists in the

philosophy of the Bauhaus. Jim’s education taught him to place great importance on the

individual steps involved in making ceramic objects—a trait further instilled during his

apprenticeship at the Chozaemon Ohi pottery in Kanazawa, Japan. His focus on process

and attention to detail ensures that all Lume Home products are of superior quality and



The journey of each Lume Home lamp begins with an original design that is brought to

life in Jim’s Portland, Oregon home studio. In the studio, Jim constructs molds and slip

casts each lamp body in porcelain. The lamp bodies then make their way to the garden

where Jim glaze fires them at cone 10 for desired hardness and strength in his hand-built

gas kiln. Back in the studio, the lamps are matched with wood components that are turned

by a Portland artisan from wood that Jim has personally selected. Lume Home’s custom

designed shades are manufactured in America to our specifications. In keeping with the

Bauhaus philosophy, Jim is in touch with the entire lamp-making process from start to