Details are very important to us. We strive to make a superior handmade object that will reside in your home for many years to come.  While Lume Home sells paired lamps, it is important to understand that no two are absolutely identical.  As with any object made by hand from natural materials there exist small variances in each one – variances that make each lamp a unique piece of art.  Our wood, as it is found in nature, will contain natural inclusions or variations in grain and wood tone.  We purposefully finish our wood to accentuate these natural details and not to hide them.  Just like the trees that gave us the wood, the glazes on our lamps often seem to have lives of their own – reacting to mixing, application, and firing in surprising ways.  This can result in very minor variances in the surface of the ceramic components.  And, since the applied decoration (slip trailing or carving texture) comes from the artist’s hand and not a machine, the resulting design is never a mirror image.  At Lume we view these variations as adding value to our lamps by revealing that they are more than just a mass-produced product; they are an object grown out of natural materials and the handmade process.